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Assembly studio enlightenment needed

michael_fullermichael_fuller Member Posts: 23
This is probably a very basic question with a very basic answer.  However, I'm struggling to determine the way forward and in someways I'm even confused about the purpose of some of OnShape's major features. 

This is what I want to do:

I've created 2 separate models in OnShape.  Call them Model A and Model B.  I want to bring Model A and Model B together into an assembly.  The reason I want to do this is so that I can draw new models (Models C, D, E, etc., as needed) with Model A and Model B in their correct position relative to one another. 

I think I've figured out how to bring the models together.  In Model A I've created an assembly bringing in the elements of A I'm interested in.  I've then exported Model B out as a step and imported it into Model A, and then inserted it into the assembly.  At the moment I'm dealing with how to position them relative to one another correctly, but it just seems a matter of time before I can figure that out.

What I'm totally clueless about is...once I have them positioned relative to one another as I like, how can I continue to draw/create as there doesn't seem to be any of the parts studio features here in the assembly studio.  

Some of confusion comes from not really understanding the purpose of creating an assembly in the assembly studio; when I want to create multiple parts that relate to one another I draw them all within the parts studio.  The assembly studio only seems to allow you to bring all those parts you drew in the parts studio together, thus to me the assembly studio seems redundant and without the feature of continuing to be able to draw within that environment.  My above need to combine Model A and Model B is the rare occasion where I haven't been able draw everything I need in the same parts studio. 

There's an epiphany lesson here I'm sure!  Hope this is all making sense and obviously I don't understand the functionality of the assembly studio at all!   

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