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Release Management - Unique Part Numbers - Copied Projects

Alexei_PittowiczAlexei_Pittowicz Member Posts: 37 PRO

My colleague has copied a new project (Document 2) from an old one (Document 1). 

Document 1 has already been released. Part numbers in Document 1 were arbitrarily designated via the auto-gen in the release dialogue. (a great time saver!)

They have edited Document 2. (resizing many parts).  I've checked it, made some more changes and now I need to release it.

I'm worried that in new Document 2 they have not changed the part numbers from those of Document 1.

What happens when I release elements from Document 2?  Will there be a conflict?

I’m hoping Onshape prevents duplication of part numbers. (I vaguely remember that this might be something you can allow or not in the company settings)

Any feedback appreciated. 
I will do some tests/research in the meantime.


Best Answers


  • Alexei_PittowiczAlexei_Pittowicz Member Posts: 37 PRO
    Thanks Neil. I'm testing it out now.  It all seems to work perfectly. (details below).

    Some questions about your comment here... 

    "..This means you can create a brand new part in a brand new document to supersede another part you want to discontinue..."

     Interesting to know, but this worries me for some reason I can't put my finger on. 
    The history of any of its assemblies would still show the old version of the part right? Is there another unseen internal id for the part that onshape uses to track this?  

    Thanks again.

    Release Candidate test details.
    Note the warnings in the release candidate dialogue
    ("Part number DRW-650 was previously released from another document" )

    It's also trying to increment the Revision from A to B.  

    When I try to change the Bs to As, it pushes back to B and adds the additional warning..
    "Revision A has been previously used for part number DRW-650" etc..

    To fix, I deleted all the Part numbers and hit the auto-gen to get the next unique number.
    And then editing the text from rev B to rev A sticks this time, and clears all of the warnings!

    Not too laborious a workflow.  Just need to be careful when filling out the release candidate.

    Interesting to note that originally, auto-gen set the drawing number to DRW-654.  Before releasing, I cancelled the candidate dialogue, went back and edited something.  When going to release again, the new autogen part number was DRW-658. (we have no one else working in onshape today)

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