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Webinars not propagating...

Hendrik_Hendrik_ Member Posts: 35 PRO
Hi guys,

I like watching the webinars since I normally don't have time to join them.  But recently two things seem to have happened - at least it's my perception.

First not all of these webinars that get announced, propagate to the video library on the Onshape website - I'm pretty sure there was a recent one about advanced drawing or modelling techniques which I was looking forward to.  But it has not appeared in the video library at all, even tough subsequent ones have made it.

Second, the webinars that do finally propagate take much longer to do so than usual.

I responded to a recent webinar invite from Neil by email and mentioned the issue to him.  He suggested webinars are normally up in 48hrs.  That's 2 days not 2 weeks as it has been lately.  He also suggested I should register for the webinars even if I cannot attend, saying that I would get a link to the vid by email - I got no such mail and therefore still awaiting (im)patiently for these to appear on the website (or my email...)

Just some feedback on an anomaly from the usual Onshape speed we have become accustomed to.

Conspiracy theories:
1. You have decided to assist Onshape nerds in an attempt to improve their work-life balance by limiting the webinars;
2. Trump has build a fire-wall to limit webinar access to foreign Onshape users (which foreign Onshape users are paying for);
3. You got a 'Marketing / Business optimisation / Efficiency / Vision' - consultant in, who has convinced you that there is value in your own company you are 'just-not-seeing' and you've decided to get more people to pay for learning Onshape (mainly to pay the consultant's extraordinary fee and convince both the consultant and yourselves that he/she was right) - in other words, you are becoming Autodesk;
4. Onshape is about to go public and you're practicing what it's like to ignore the little guy (all end users) - in other words, you are becoming Autodesk;
5. Your 'webinar-propagation-person' is on an extended vacation, maternity leave or disciplinary leave for having propagated webinars way too fast in the past.

Oh c'mon!  It's Friday...


  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 2,268
    Hello again @Hendrik! Number 5 is the most accurate :) The "webinar-propagation-person" was ill for a short while and in the last 2-3 weeks, more than half the marketing team have been out doing user events, so fairly decimated here. Promise this will get sorted. Hang in there!

    In the meantime, here are the direct links to the latest ones missing from the video library:
    Advanced sketch tips (Jan 10): 

    What is Onshape and Why Should You Care? (Jan 29): 

    Advanced Assembly Motion (Jan 31): 

    Best Practices for Communicating Designs (Feb 7): 

    Neil Cooke, Director of Technical Marketing, Onshape Inc.
  • Hendrik_Hendrik_ Member Posts: 35 PRO
    Awesome!  Fresh feed...
    Many thanks Neil!

  • romeograhamromeograham Member Posts: 199 PRO
    Thanks Neil - I was looking forward to the Feb 7 one.

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