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mate connectors for a box inside another box

doug_smith714doug_smith714 Member Posts: 3
I've watched some tutorials and I see how the mate connectors can be powerful, such as the slider mate. I don't understand how to use them in my case though.  I'm modeling a bathroom and trying to place a toilet in it. I believe my question can be answered with a much simpler case though. Suppose I have a large open top box and inside this box I want to place a smaller box.  I've created a planar mate so the small box sits inside the big box. As soon as I try to place another planar mate so that I can exactly place the small box some particular distance from an inside wall, I'm told that the mates are overconstrained.  I don't how I'm supposed to specify the distances between the small box and the two vertical inside walls of the larger box.


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