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Error: Precondition of skLineSegment failed (value.start is undefined || is2dPoint(value.start))

taylor_williams093taylor_williams093 Member Posts: 2 PRO
Hello all, I am trying to generate a star made of line segments using fs. I am getting this error when I try to use radius, which is a map, inside of the vector parameter in skLineSegment. When I made radius a number it generated perfectly. 

The star function starts at line 98.


  • lanalana Onshape Employees Posts: 455
    edited March 20
    skLineSegment(starSketch, "line" ~ (i + 1), {
     "start" : vector(pointRatioToRadiusX[i], pointRatioToRadiusY[i]) * radius, 
     "end" : vector(pointRatioToRadiusX[i+1], pointRatioToRadiusY[i+1])*radius)                });

    instead. Radius is already a length , multiplying by meter you get area units
  • taylor_williams093taylor_williams093 Member Posts: 2 PRO
    Thank you for the help! Sometimes my basic multiplication principles get away from me... length*length= area
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