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Show Mate Connectors

famadorianfamadorian Member Posts: 319 ✭✭
There's a "show mate" here, but not a "show mate connectors". To view the mate connectors, I have to "show all", but that shows all the stuff I've hidden;)

Is there a way to just show the mate connectors? 

I need it when I click "create part studio in context"


Best Answer


  • famadorianfamadorian Member Posts: 319 ✭✭
    also, instead of a long context menu, isn't something like an advanced context menu, like Maya has with multiple directions and levels, something to look at?
  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 2,716 PRO
    you can right click the part, then click "go to item in list"
    from there you can click the expander and see all of the mate connectors, you can hide/show them from here individually too.

    for better menus check this improvement request out
  • famadorianfamadorian Member Posts: 319 ✭✭
    And don't forget the keyboard shortcut "K" (shows / hides all MCs) and "J" (shows / hides all mates).

    You can pretty quickly cycle through the visibility states for Mate Connectors, select the one you want, then hide them again.
    Ah, it's a toggle;)

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