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Using Page name in a drawing note

randy_youngrandy_young Member Posts: 9
I'm trying to have my drawing sheets populate the name of each sheet in the drawing template but it doesn't seem to work for me.  I click on the "Sheet properties" icon and select "Sheet Name" but it just comes up as ---  .  I can get the assembly reference to show but I often put multiple parts on a single sheet, and they come from a large part Studio, so I custom name the pages.

What am I doing wrong?  Thanks


  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 2,720 PRO
    I don't see "Sheet Name" as an option, is it a custom property?
  • randy_youngrandy_young Member Posts: 9

    Maybe I'm not using the right terms.  This is a photo of the selection.  I'm trying the top option.   I assumed it would be the name of the sheet but it doesn't seem to work.
  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 2,720 PRO
    The menu on the right that looks like a sheet border is all of your sheet-references
    the one marked 2 is a view reference.

    Everything in (1) is editable by right clicking the drawings tab and selecting properties.
    Everything in (2) is editable by opening the properties of the Part/assembly/or partstudio "reference" in the sheet. (Right click the sheet and select "sheet properties" to view what is being referenced" You can also click the chain link on the right to go-to that reference directly. or select a different reference from the drop down list.
    The list will show one reference for each part/assembly/partstudio that you have a view for in the drawing tab.

  • randy_youngrandy_young Member Posts: 9

    I'm trying to get a note to fill in the name of the drawing sheet, as shown in this picture.  Sheets:Name fills in the name of the first assembly or part that you put on a sheet, in this example, "Drawer Back".  I'd like the note to say "Drawer Details" instead.
  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 2,720 PRO
    Unfortunately you cannot extract the sheet-name.

    You may want to put in an Improvement request. I have used sheet-name as a titleblock entity in my Solidworks border templates and it was very useful.
  • romeograhamromeograham Member Posts: 378 PRO
    edited May 2019
    [EDIT]: This is not really a problem - I had forgotten that I had resolved my issue last year. Leaving this up so that @pete_yodis excellent reminder below makes sense!!

    The other thing I discovered about Properties on Sheets is that they can only reference 1 Part / Assembly at a time (as @randy_young says above). Unfortunately, this applies to all the custom properties on the sheet - even if it's a note attached to a different part or a view with a different configuration of the same part.

    (In SolidWorks I would often add a view of the "Left Hand" version of a part, and could use the "File Name" custom property to call out its name...can't do this in Onshape (yet!!))
  • PeteYodisPeteYodis Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 351
    @romeograham Use a callout to do this.  Insert a part property or collection of part properties and even some text delimiters between them if you want.  We can certainly callout properties of things on parts that are not the sheet reference.  We named the callout tool for a reason.  It's more expansive than just "balloons".
  • romeograhamromeograham Member Posts: 378 PRO
    @pete_yodis I'll give this a try again. Possibly I was trying to do this before the capability worked (my issue was with a different Configuration of the part on the Sheet) OR I was having a bug. 

    However, I see that my Request #142040 is still listed as OPEN....

    But I also just confirmed that the Callout works exactly as you mentioned.

    I must have forgotten that I got it to work correctly (thanks to you and Cody back in July 2018).

    I'm going to remove my post above because it's entirely not true!
  • randy_youngrandy_young Member Posts: 9
    Thanks all for the comments.  I am successfully using call-outs but unless I am misusing them, you have to attach a line to the object leading to the callout.  I'm looking to have the name of the sheet (as I've defined on the sheets panel) populate the title block on the page.  I find it strange that under Sheets:page, you get the individual page number of the sheet you're on, but sheets:name returns the title of your entire collection of drawings.  I can select drawing name information for the whole package of drawings, or part name information for the first part placed on the individual sheet, but not sheet-wise naming.  I'll put in a feature request.
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