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What's the best way to organize documents when I have multiple assemblies from common parts?

I developed a product that originated in SW and migrated to OS over the past 3 years. The design has stabilized now, but I'd like to rebuild my assemblies to use them for animation and marketing purposes. Everything is a bit of a mess after all of this time, so I'm going to clean things up (get organized) and I'd like a suggestion of the best way to do this. Right now I have sub-assemblies kind of all over the place.

The product consists of a variety of different enclosures that can be constructed from common parts (panels, tubes, connectors, screws, etc) and some common sub-assys of those parts.  My first inclination is to move all the unique parts into one document and use that as the storage container for them. Then create a second document to build each assembly in a new tab. I haven't done much with using parts from one document in a different document so I'm wondering if there is any advantage to this. Or should I keep it simple and put everything (assemblies and parts) all in one document? 

Any suggestions from someone who has already been down this road are much appreciated!


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