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BOM Qty and Unit of Measurement relation

I was wondering if, in an Assembly BOM, the qty could accurately reflect a value relative to the unit of measure selected for the BOM Part?

To clarify, here is my setup:
Part A
- Unit of measure is set to inches
- The part is a Wire:
- - Created using a sweep along a 3d spline (5 inches)
- - The desired inches measurement would be relative to the length of the 3D Spline (5 inches)

Assy A
- Contains Part A
- In the BOM:
- - Part A qty displays as 1, not like I expect

Am I missing a step to get this to work correctly or is it simply not a thing?

Best Answer


  • anthony_tatum458anthony_tatum458 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks @NeilCooke for the quick response.
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