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Can sweeps be made with lofts?

Auke_Smit_SILAuke_Smit_SIL Member Posts: 20 PRO

out of curiosity. 

A loft with 2 same profiles and a path look a lot like the sweep function. 

Is it basically the same and is the sweep feature nice UX, or are there fundamental advantages to use a sweep instead of loft besides easy acces.

If it is the same thing, it migh be interesting to integrate the sweep inside the loft. Making a loft but only selecting 1 profile and a path, similar as sweep.

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    Konstantin_ShKonstantin_Sh Member Posts: 26 ✭✭
    Sweep behaves like loft through a number of cross sections transformed along the path, from this point Loft is a more general operation, but sweep can have have some specific profile orientation settings which would look strange if you find them inside Loft.
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    Auke_Smit_SILAuke_Smit_SIL Member Posts: 20 PRO
    I checked more carefully and If I measure the distance to the body you can see in the picture, the sweep gives a 2mm dimension, since it is an sketch offset. But the loft is at 1,6something mm. so definitely some warping going on.
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