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Freeze view of Origin; Top; Front; Right lines in Feature Tree

fred_sklenarfred_sklenar Member Posts: 4 PRO
In a design with many, many steps in the development that show as lines in the feature tree, EVERY time attempting to start a new SKETCH the feature tree AUTO scrolls to the bottom of the feature tree, showing where the newly added Sketch would be in order on the tree.  BUT the first step in the new sketch is to identify the SKETCH PLANE.  If, and in most cases I seem to want to select one of those ORIGINAL planes so I can secure my references to the ORIGIN, I THEN MUST SCROLL BACK UP TO THE TOP OF THE FEATURE TREE TO PICK ONE OF THOSE... THIS IS TIME CONSUMING AND MY INDEX FINGER HAS NOW REGISTERED A WORKER'S COMP CLAIM AGAINST ME FOR ALL THE EXTRA SCROLLING TO GET BACK UP TO THE TOP OF THE FEATURE TREE.  UG.  

Suggestion: Freeze the Origin; Top; Right and Side Planes, at the top of the Feature Tree.  So even though my new insertion of the Sketch feature shoots the tree down to see the bottom of my list of hundreds of features, those 3 main planse will always be there for me to select from.  



  • lougallolougallo Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 1,846
    @fred_sklenar You can also hit plane to see those quickly in the filter but I understand the request.  Pinning this along with a large config list starts to reduce the scroll area completely.  Does this seem to help your situation?

    Lou Gallo / PD/UX - Support - Community / Onshape, Inc.
  • fred_sklenarfred_sklenar Member Posts: 4 PRO

    Thanks Lou.

    Shame that we always have to find the work around rather than the UX being well developed and changeable.

  • glen_dewsburyglen_dewsbury Member, OS Professional Posts: 154 PRO

    If your feature tree is getting long and cumbersome then it may be time to use folders. Can cut the feature tree down a lot by grouping features.

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