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Question About Mass Property in Onshape API

C_JustinC_Justin Member Posts: 16
Hi there,

I want to ask for a way to do a massive comparison between different parts with mass property. For example, if I have two parts, how can I compare their mass using the mass in Mass Property in API? Since the mass has a maximum and minimum value, which for me it seems this stands for a small range of epsilon that the number with in this range should be considered equal. For example if a part have mass [4, 1, 5] and the other one having [2, 2, 6]. If such thing happens, then 2 is in the range of that small epsilon which should be considered equal but the ranges are different, how can I compare the parts? Or the range actually stands for a different meaning?
Thanks for your time reading this!



  • Ethan_KEthan_K Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 57
    Hi @C_Justin

    The range comes from potential rounding errors due to floating point arithmetic. The range should be tiny. If it isn't, then you are probably modeling on an extremely small scale (micrometers). The range is so small that you can most likely just use the middle value. The values you passed don't make sense to me. Have you seen those values in an API response? If so, please share the call that you are making (and the document) with support, and we can look into this.

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