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Make mirrored part a new part

I added a plane (plane1) over which to mirror a part. Then deleted the original part. Now there remains a "ghost" (for lack of better word) on the front plane. 

How can the mirrored part be moved to the front plane along with deleting plane1? in other words, I want to clean this part up so it looks like a new original.


Best Answers


  • romeograhamromeograham Member Posts: 378 PRO
    The "ghosted" features are just the sketches you used to create the original part. They are required to create the Mirrored version, since they were used to create the original features.

    You can hide them by clicking the "eye" icon that appears next to each feature in the Feature List:

    The "ghosted" shape that shows with Sketch 2 is there because you created that sketch on a face of the model, instead of on a Plane.

  • john_lombardojohn_lombardo Member Posts: 15
    Thank you much for providing a clearer picture of how to create a mirrored part that can be further edited independently of the original.
  • john_lombardojohn_lombardo Member Posts: 15
    When making mirrored parts that must differ in some features, It seems like it is best to mirror off one of the major planes (like the front) and chose "New" for type of mirror. Then additional features could be added independently to each of the two parts by adding sketches to specific part surfaces or by controlling extrusions of sketches on the mirror plane. I know this seems elementary to experienced users, but it was a Eureka! moment for me! Thanks again to all who responded.  
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