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Problems with dimensions when importing

I created something with all the dimensions in inches and exported it as an STL file. When importing it into my 3d printing software (XYZ printing) to print out it shows up extremely small, tenths of a mm small. It notifies me the object it very or too small and offers to convert it into mm with larger dimensions. When I do try to convert it it is then given huge dimensions that take up the entire printer. Why is it doing this and why aren't the original dimensions being kept? 


  • tim_hess427tim_hess427 Member Posts: 279 PRO
    I don't think STL files have measurement systems defined. So, any conversion unit issues have to be occurring before the file is exported, or while it's being imported. 

    First, make sure your workspace units are indeed inches. Onshape allows you to type in something like "1 inch" as a dimension, but if the workspace units are mm, the dimension will export as 25.4. 

    Second, every printer software I've used asks for the units on import. So, double check to see if there's a unit option you're missing somewhere when you import the file. 
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