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Cannot see custom mates in assembly view

neil_claytonneil_clayton Member Posts: 13
Happy new year :)

I'm confused!  Can't see custom mate connects from a PS within my assembly.

e.g: in the PS named "Power Base", I've three MC's defined (FN2070, Fan, Center of lower).  Yet these don't show up under the part witin the part studio.
What am I missing?  I see *other* MC's showing up from the same PS, but not these ones. 


Best Answer


  • neil_claytonneil_clayton Member Posts: 13
    If I move the creation of the MC down in the PS feature list, it appears in the assembly.  Are MC's are only exposed in some circumstances?
  • neil_claytonneil_clayton Member Posts: 13
    Ah. I think I see. The new body would have the same name (depending on how the boolean op were configured), so I probably missed seeing that. The part was still in the tree; with same name, but it's actually a new part so old MC no longer owned by it. Makes sense. It'd be kinda nice if there was a "hey did you really mean to eat these MC's along the way" list, especially if they are defined and then not referenced by later features. But then; perhaps its plain better and more self-documenting if I just make sure to create my MC's designed for easy assembly at the end of my feature lists....  ta!
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