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Group lines in model tree

robert_zschocherobert_zschoche Member Posts: 17

Can I group lines in model tree and give that group a name.  Can that group be hidden, suppressed, deleted…. as a single entity

Best Answer


  • 3dcad3dcad Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 2,441 PRO
    You can also use empty sketch as a divider and give names like '- - - Base construction - - -' to stand out from feature list.

    Groups + tags to feature tree are highly requested features, once Ons figure out the best way to improve feature tree; I'm sure we will have grouping possibility.

    Did you notice this on last update:

    Feature list now can filter by name, type or part.

  • robert_zschocherobert_zschoche Member Posts: 17
    The filter function is cool and common throughout the industry. Coming from Pro E/Creo I am accustomed to the ability to group features in the tree.  IE select a set of inline features, group them, give the group a name, hide, suppress, mirror, array, delete.....the entire group as as a single set when needed. You can have groups within groups and they will expand or collapse with a + sign in front of the group. This is very useful when dealing with a large and busy tree. For parts studios it will allow grouping of the features in the tree for any given part definition such that you can find the items related to the part by locating its group.  At the assembly level it is almost required to group parts of a large machine assemblies into groups that define their idea, (IE, frame, conveyors, guarding, motors, and so on) without the need of creating redundant sub assemblies simply to isolate them in the tree.  Another Creo way to keep things clean is allow sketches to be embedded into the actual feature it is used in.  IE instead of sketch and then extrude showing in the tree, only the extrude is there with the sketch embedded and editable from within the feature. For flexibility a sketch can exist as a stand alone line in the tree, or remain in the tree and linked to a feature, or the feature can be unlinked from the sketch so it becomes embedded such that the original sketch can be deleted without affecting the feature.  Maybe this is not in the form of a question, but I wanted to express that expandable grouping is not a new thing, but it is a necessary thing especially as parts studios and machine assemblies grow
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