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New Using Assembly, having issues with linkage motion, all revoultes

dana_kelley262dana_kelley262 Member Posts: 24

The seventh resolute connection causes all resolute to fail. Looking at the design... the large gear rotates in either direction, no limits. All other joints/ connections rotate based on the large gear rotation and are limited by the linkage interconnections. This is a classic Klann Linkage design.

I'm missing something obvious. I've gone through the self learning provided.

Best Answer


  • dana_kelley262dana_kelley262 Member Posts: 24
    I'll try that
  • dana_kelley262dana_kelley262 Member Posts: 24
    TimRice said:
    Try switching one or more of the revolutes to cylindrical mates. There is possibly a misalignment in your assembly and the revolute mates are causing too many degrees of freedom to be removed.

    Thanks Tim, I knew it had to do with the arm connecting to the gear. I was able to get the others to move appropriately yet had no idea how to relax the joints.

    Once changed it worked as expected. I'll fiddle with this some more to see if there is an issue with the actual design of the gear or arm.
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