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Quick "show" and "hide"

Brad_GoodmanBrad_Goodman Member Posts: 16 ✭✭
Quick way to easily "show" and "hide" parts - particularly in Part Studio.

Keyboard shortcuts would suffice. (Preferable)

Once of the biggest annoyances - is the fact that they "show part", "hide part", "hide 2 parts", "hide all parts" (etc.. etc...) menu options in the "parts" list are context sensitive. This means when you go to right click somewhere in the parts - you have to either stop and concider the context ("Is the part you just clicked selected or not?" or READ through the menu see what's present and what you want to select.

Alternativley you can right click on the part in the main window, but that is also context sensitive and even worse, in that the show/hide options either appear towards the top or the middle of the menu depending on what's selected.

Long story short - I usually/often want to "select - hide - select - hide - select - hide..."  .... then maybe "show all". Fast. Rapid. No thinking...no reading...


  • Piotr_Smektała_VBPiotr_Smektała_VB Member Posts: 25 PRO
    edited February 6
    There is a shortcut to hide selected part: "y"
    The problem is: Once hidden - part is no longer selected. So, no shortcut will work  :/ and you have to use CTRL+Z to "unhide" that part and... part is once again not selected.
    Well, at this point you may use CTRL+Y to reverse "unhide", and repeat this CTRL+Z, CTRL+Y sequence as long as you can, but that is not so easy as using just one key.
    +1 for quicker way to hide/show parts.

    @Brad_Goodman: vote for your own IR.

  • tony_soares459tony_soares459 Member Posts: 115 ✭✭
    I agree! Blender (3D animation tool) has them. They make all the difference. I have to show and hide parts so often, that if I count the seconds navigating the menus, they quickly add up to a lot. A shortcut to hide parts without a counter shortcut to show parts is a sentence that
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