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Student iPad can't access modeling server

mrlefebvre101mrlefebvre101 Member Posts: 10 EDU
Hi all,

I'm still teaching my design class remotely this spring, and one of my students doesn't have access to a computer at home, so he's trying to use his iPad.  The problem is, he can't get OnShape to function - he gets the following error:


We're tried updating iOS, reinstalling the app, and uninstalling other apps to make sure there's adequate free space on his iPad.  If you've seen this before or having any additional troubleshooting steps to suggest, I'd appreciate it.

As an aside, what a blessing it has been to be teaching on this platform.  The transition to remote learning was almost seamless.  I am so grateful for OnShape.
Marc Lefebvre


  • raviravi Onshape Employees Posts: 22
    Can you upload the screenshot and also post the iPad and iOS version information?
  • mrlefebvre101mrlefebvre101 Member Posts: 10 EDU
    Thanks.  I'll get that info from the student.  Hopefully I can update you by Monday.
  • mrlefebvre101mrlefebvre101 Member Posts: 10 EDU
    Attached are the iPad info and OnShape error screenshots.  Any troubleshooting help you have is greatly appreciated.  His iPad was updated last week and I had him check for app updates this morning.

  • jon_sorrellsjon_sorrells Onshape Employees Posts: 48
    It looks like the websocket connection is failing.  Does the user's network have a firewall that might be blocking this?
  • mrlefebvre101mrlefebvre101 Member Posts: 10 EDU
    I don't think this is an issue.  I had him run the check in Safari and got the attached screenshot form him which shows a websocket connection.  We're close enough to his graduation that I'm not sure how much more we're going to troubleshoot, unfortunately, but if anything comes to mind, please let me know.

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