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Pattern a feature that was extruded "Up To Face"

I am helping a student create a model of a suspension bridge. The path of the suspension cable is drawn as a parabola and swept.  Then I created the vertical suspender at the center of the bridge (highlighted in orange in the image) and extruded this feature "Up to Face", with the face being the sweep of the suspension cable.  This worked fine, then I tried to pattern this feature, hoping that it would continue to pattern up to the face of the suspension cable.  It worked fine for a certain distance from the original feature, but once I got far enough away, the pattern became the same extrusion length as the original, rather than finding the face of the cable.  Any ideas here?  I figured either it wouldn't work at all to pattern a feature up to a face that gets farther away, or it would work great, but this is some weird in-between space that seems illogical to me.  Below is a link on my YouTube channel showing it in action.  I got around the problem by extruding up to face and clicking on each of the circles (which is why you see the circles in the sketch) but I am wondering if this is simply a bug in the software?  Thanks!


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