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Center of a square in iPadOS

mrlefebvre101mrlefebvre101 Member Posts: 10 EDU
Good afternoon,

I'm having my students model the VEX Robotics ClawBot in OnShape and all of my instruction has been on a computer, but I've been working with one student who only has access to an iPad and he can't get the center mate connector in a square to show up.  In the top picture, on my PC, I get a nice center mate connector option.  In the lower photo, on the iPad, I can't get that same connector.  Can someone offer a hint about how to get that center connector to show?


Best Answer


  • jon_sorrellsjon_sorrells Onshape Employees Posts: 49
    Unfortunately those mate connector inferences are not yet available in the mobile apps.
    In the mean time, you can mate the corner or edge of your part to the corner or edge of the hole.
  • mrlefebvre101mrlefebvre101 Member Posts: 10 EDU
    @steve_shubin Thank you!  This worked.  I need to practice with it a bit, but it's a pretty efficient workaround.
  • steve_shubinsteve_shubin Member Posts: 436 ✭✭✭
    edited May 2020

    It’s good to hear it worked

    OK I edited this text below —

    The initial focal point of the zoom is where I initially place my finger. The rate and amount of zoom is finger pressure related.

    You can pan a bit while you’re zooming in if you move your finger left or right. You can also change the focal point while zooming in if you move your finger up or down. But if you apply too much finger pressure, it’s going to zoom in so fast that you aren’t going to be able to pan much at all

    When you lift your finger away from the screen, it automatically zooms back out

    As wordy as this above explanation is, if you just play with it for a while, you get the hang of it real fast

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