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Ability to delete mate connector of derived part

addigreenaddigreen Member Posts: 4
edited May 2020 in Drawings
Hello, I'm still learing to model with OnShape, now composing some more complicated design with derived parts. I connect the part with others in new part studio through mate connector's transformations, but I do not want the original mate connectors coming from derived part in my new parts to be present, as I define new mate connectors elsewhere to be used in assembly.  Is it possible to delete the prime connectors? This would be much less confusing when using the combined parts in assemblies with many mate connectors.


  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 3,112 PRO
    edited June 2020
    Super Derive, buy (sheer coincidence probably), doesn't take mate connectors with it. so you can use that instead of the normal derive


    Otherwise, use normal derive, (hide the derive feature in the tree)
    then use "Transform" -> "Copy in Place" to create a copy without the mate connector
    then "Delete Part" to get rid of the original part with the mate connector
  • addigreenaddigreen Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for aswer, but neither does the trick for me. SuperDerive removes all the mate connectors, and Copy in Place does not reflect future modifications of original part. When I use normal Derive, the mate connectors comming from derived part are shown in Part Studio but I am not able to delete any, so they all show in assemblies.

    Would it be possible to create new Feature Script which would allow to delete only selected mate connectors comming from derived part?
  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 3,112 PRO
    Copy in place dose reflect anything that happens to the part before the copy in place feature on the tree.

    if your intention is to use the mate connectors in the part studio and just remove them "all" before sending to an assembly. I would put the copy in place at the end of the tree. Re-create any mate connectors you want to bring into the assembly, then delete the original part (to prevent accidental insertion into the assembly)

    Another alternative would be through configurations.

    In the original part studio set a configuration checkbox called "Assembly Mates Only" then set the suppression state of all your mate connectors you don't want to suppressed.

    That will give you the best option for fine control
  • addigreenaddigreen Member Posts: 4
    I try to follow "inheritance" approach with derived parts. I want to "filter out" some mates from derived parts in further derivatives. I percieve the derive approach as kind of inheritance, which allows me to project automatically all future changes in original part to all subsequent parts linked to original through the derived tool. This way I do not need to make any manual modifications of subsequent parts which I would need to do when using Copy in place tool.

    The Configuration with "Unsupressed" feature selected does not work for me either, as the mate is not simply present in derived part so Transform by mate feature is failing. Even more, I found out that when I just use configuration of "Unsupressed" type on Mate connector, such mate connector is not present in any derived part, it just breaks the derived part, which I think is a bug.

    I will look further if it is solvable by custom feature script, which would allow to delete selected mates in derived parts.
  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 3,112 PRO
  • addigreenaddigreen Member Posts: 4
    OK, I was wrong with the Copy in place tool, it respects "future" updates made on original part, but it removes all the mates, so no solution for me. The configuration example you did does not work for me because I dont use original part in an assembly directly, but I construct several derivative parts from the original in separate part studios, where I need to get rid of only the mates I used for binding with my new parts, but not of the other mates defined in original part. Ill try to prepare simplified example later.

    What I can see in your example though is the dissapearance of the mates used with configuration in an assembly, even when your "Filter Mates" config is disabled and mates are showing in part studio. Is this correct behavior? Shouldnt be the mates visible and accessible in an assembly too?

    Thanks for your effort, Ill be trying further.
  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 3,112 PRO
    edited June 2020
    Yes, it is my understanding that you want to derive a part into a part studio, but not include every mate connector.

    it sounds like you're going in circles with when you want mate connectors on or off.

    It is a one way street. Once you remove it, it is gone. If you need it later on, then you can't remove it, only hide it.
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