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Replicate the Universal Joint Subassembly- Dialog box choices don't match exercise directions

jack_aiellojack_aiello Member Posts: 12 EDU
Hi Support Community,
I am having a problem using the REPLICATE feature with the Universal Joint Subassembly.  The exercise says to choose to Match edge on face  from the pull-down menu, however, my pull-down menu
does not have this option. I tried all three options on my pull-down Match faces on parts, Match faces in features, Match individual faces and none of them seemed to work. I could not get the REPLICATE feature to work so I could not complete the Assembly Exercise. Below is a picture of the step in the exercise and a screenshot from my work.  Below the two pictures are a link to my assignment.  Your help is appreciated.


Link to Universal Joint Assembly


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    KatieHuffmanKatieHuffman Member, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 194

    Double-check your Fastened mate created in Step 8. Depending on what you snapped the Mate connectors to changes the Replicate options available. The replication is based on how the seed part is mated to the rest of the assembly. Be sure your Fastened mate is attached to the planer faces of both the Center Block and the Bushing.
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    june_lijune_li Member Posts: 2
    Thank you Katie! I did Step 8 again and it worked. 
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    UkeplayerUkeplayer Member Posts: 4 EDU
    I'm stuck on this same step. The instructions I have say to select the instance of the subassembly and then "choose Match individual faces." But I don't get that option in my pull-down menu. I started all over again and redid step 8 carefully. The last part of step 10 didn't quite look like what I have, however; the triad manipulator is not oriented that way, so that may be why I'm getting stuck at step 12.
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    aditya_duddukuruaditya_duddukuru Member Posts: 2 EDU
    I am also stuck on this step. When I try to replicate is does not work because it says 'mate to be matched'
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