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Hole Feature Enhancements (drill tip angles, pipe and port threads)

tim_wheelertim_wheeler Member Posts: 19 PRO
A question for ONSHAPE users.  Are there any other users who do manufacturing via machining?

Are there any other users who are limited by the lack of feature variables in the Hole Tool?

The hole feature continues to be a limiting feature for implementing OnShape as our main CAD system.

The hole feature contains only fine and course Straight threads, lacking tapered threads (NPT, NPTF) as well as other port taps for SAE, BSPP, BSPT, and no provision for other standard thread pitches found in any machinist handbook.

In addition, we can not adjust for different tool nose angles, giving us only the option for a counterbore, or standard drill tip angle.  (We commonly use 150 degree drill tips to speed up some functions while limiting hole depths beyond target depth.

These are basic feature variables present in Solidworks, AutoCAD, Inventor.

We purchased our seats of Onshape in November of 2017 with the verbal commitment that these features were forthcoming.  In fact, we even were told that developing feature script custom code would not be a good idea (we were not excited about having to do it, anyways) as when the feature was updated in the near future to included these variables, we would have to go back and update our design models, or have a group of documents that would have to be maintained outside of the norm.

Onshape's innovation to that date was impressive, and we were excited to see what Onshape would bring to the table, as we envisioned an even more comprehensive answer to the issue than we have seen with other CAD packages.  For instance, we have parts that would benefit from indexed threads that would control where threads begin and end;  a 3D-accurate thread feature would be an excellent option on some features.

Well, here we are in 2020 and the feature has remained untouched with the exception of adding PEM fasteners.   (We don't do sheetmetal design or fabrication)

I'm confident the Onshape team can give us something much better than what has been offered by their competitors, but at this moment, I'd just like the same basic features available in our other CAD packages so I can move forward with making it our main CAD tool for our manufacturing.

Big fan of Onshape.

Tim Wheeler
Director of Engineering, Alkon Corporation


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    ken_dellach455ken_dellach455 Member Posts: 7 PRO
    VOTE +1
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    matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 486 PRO
    @tim_wheeler submit an improvement request.  I'd vote for that.
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    d_cookd_cook Member Posts: 7
    I totally agree with this request.  The drill/thread parameter limitations are a significant deficiency with regard to competing products, and I'd move that it be addressed with high priority.  Fusion360 is eating OnShape's lunch on this one, and it doesn't seem like it would be hard to do. 

       Tip depth allowance = d/2 * sin((180 - pointAngle)/2) - splitPointAmount. 

    Need dropdowns for 118 and 135 point angles and 2 text params for arbitrary angles and split-point allowance.  Boils down to a dropdown and 2 new parameters in the dialog...hope this wouldn't take more than a couple of afternoons.  Tapered threads would be a bit more work though.
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