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Composite Parts and Inherited Materials/Mass Properties

david_gregorydavid_gregory Member Posts: 14 PRO

I think this is a feature request, but am unsure.  So I'll start with a question.

Is there a way for composite parts to inherit the material assignments of their constituent parts?   As is, i think I have to assign a single material to the new composite part.    This doesnt quite work well for the ways that I'm using it.

Consider a spark plug - the body might be steel, the center electrode copper or nickel, the insulator alumina.   Its not something that you really want to be an assembly, a composite part seems to be the best way to handle a "non-separable" assembly.  But once you create the composite part, you lose all the information about the pieces that make it up.   Generally, not a big deal, but the case I'm concerned with is calculated mass - i'd rather be able to assign the individuals their materials and have mass calculated properly for the composite part.

Is there a better way to do this?  Or is it reasonable to think that composite parts could inherit mass properties.


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