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San Diego User Group Next Week Sept 2nd

billy2billy2 Member, OS Professional, Mentor, Developers, User Group Leader Posts: 1,467 PRO

Sept 2nd 5pm to 7pm PDT

We'll be zooming this meeting live. Come join us any way you can!

On Sept 2nd click to attend zoom

How do we structure our projects?

At this group meeting we begin our discussion about creating project structures.

Project structures vary from company to company and product to product so there isn't one structure that fits all cases. In this meeting we'll be addressing the fundamentals when starting a project trying to architect something that'll scale with time allowing control of the design process especially when shared amongst many people. Is project structure important? It's everything and allows collaboration and rapid development without the need to fix stuff when trying to pull sub-assemblies together later on down the road. Successful projects all begin with a successful plan.

Long time Onshape user Bruce Bartlett will share with us how he constructs his projects when designing farm equipment.

From the designer of PDMWorks, Bill Doll, will share with us his newest project structure solution available in the Onshape app store. It's easy to skip the basic project steps and allowing everyone to run mavric leading to chaos and mayhem. 6 months later reality creeps in and your team begins fixing things that don't come together and won't work. Bill has created a visual project structure that your team can refer to when beginning a project keeping everything moving in the same direction.

In December, continuing this series on project structure, Bradley Sauln, from Onshape, will present a basic structure when beginning a project. I was lucky to have Bradley show me some of his ideas which are spot on and a great start to defining a baseline project structure.


Bruce Bartlett

Bill Doll

Joe Dunne

Future Dates:

  • September 2nd Setting up a project
  • December 2nd Setting up a project with Bradley Sauln
  • March 3rd Complex organic designs (surfacing)


  • 5pm the social hour, questions & answers, meet other users
  • 6pm start presentations
  • 7pm log off
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