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New to Onshape thru their generous Covid virtual offering. SolidWorks is our normal platform.

I am in the startup phase of teaching 4 levels of Engineering in HS. SolidWorks is part of our packaged curriculum for Eng 3 &4. Of course, SolidWorks is desktop-bound and I'm loving Onshape as it's browser-based. Thank you Onshape!

I've been reading the Education forum and I see y'all are dealing with many of my questions. I would like some sort of project I could guide my students to. Our curriculum would have my students sketch and model Fender Stratocaster guitars. I'm good with that but need to translate SW commands to Onshape in the step-by-step directions.

I have my students working through the CAD basics lessons now and am dealing with all of the sharing and naming convention issues I see.

I should also mention that I grew up on drawing tables and t-squares and was a digital design engineer by profession.

Any ideas are appreciated.


  • matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 66 PRO
    @scott_price144 , if you want to share some of your SolidWorks models for the Stratocaster I'd be happy to help you recreate these in Onshape to develop lesson plans.
  • steve_shubinsteve_shubin Member Posts: 344 ✭✭✭

    if I recall correctly, John McClary, has a Stratocaster modeled in Onshape.

    John is also very adept in the use of SolidWorks. He uses it day in and day out at work — much to his chagrin LOL

    And if I remember correctly,, that Stratocaster model was made very efficiently.

    I wouldn’t expect John to spend a whole lotta time trying to coach you guys, because I’m sure he’s a busy guy. But being as he has a SolidWorks background, well the way he modeled the Strat in Onshape, might make a little bit more sense to someone else coming from SolidWorks

    Anyway if nothing else, maybe John would be interested in sharing his Strat with some school folk

  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 2,889 PRO
    edited 5:19PM
    @steve_shubin 'Much to his chagrin'
    I couldn't have said it better.. 


    This model is an older practice project I made while trying to learn Onshape. It isn't the most efficient, but it does try to teach a little bit of in contex modeling, converting jpeg references into 3D, light featurescript coding to position the fret locations.

    I think it could be a useful learning tool. There is a lot of room for improvement also. I'm not good at drawing organic shapes like around the neck. That was probably done with way more features whan necessary. 

    Other parts like the pickups and selector switch are overly simple.

    This will also show a decent amount of document structure. For example: when to stop drawing in one partstudio and split into another.

    I'd be happy to chat about SW vrs OS commands and when they are available or completely re-imagined.

    I use both Onshape and Solidworks daily for work so I haven't lost touch with either workflow, and I can help point you to the workflow most of the OS community prefers for certain workarounds
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