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Enterprise owner's permissions: Override or toggle on and off user's account settings?

Is it possible to give Enterprise Edu owners permission to override or toggle on and off user's account settings?  I have students altering their names and I, as the teacher, can only edit [type] [status] or [remove] user accounts.  Teenagers say the darndest things, I need to be able to intervene/alter visible usernames for this to be a long term Edu CAD solution.  Thanks.

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    alnisalnis Member, Developers Posts: 449 EDU
    Haha, I could definitely see this being a problem with students! When we were still using Inventor, our network file share kept being renamed from "Robotics" to "Rooobotics" to "Roooaobotics" etc., thus breaking our assemblies, not to mention parts and assemblies having names like "a plate HOOOO .ipt" "Part 123 .pptx.docx.iam" and "Ultramain!!!!!!! [final interleague] Actual FINAL.iam". Account name control definitely sounds like something that should be present in Education enterprise if it's not already! I'm not an edu enterprise user, so I unfortunately don't know the answer :(. If it's not possible, I think the best answer will be having an assignment in the grade book "account name is correct" or something like it, but this will take away from productive teaching time.
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    melinda_hoppemelinda_hoppe Member Posts: 2
    I second the request for Account name control for Enterprise users.  Being able to modify options that don't meet guidelines would eliminate this unproductive battle w/students for control.  That being said, I think it is important for students to be able to modify a default name to the name they want to be called in most cases.
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