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How do I use the centroid as a vector?

MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 1,769 PRO
edited September 2020 in FeatureScript
I found the centroid of my sketch with this:
var centroid = evApproximateCentroid(context, { //Finds the centroid of the selected face.
                    "entities" : definition.selectedFace

The hint says it returns a vector, but when I try to use the variable "centroid" as a position in my sketch point, it says it's not a vector. and throws this error: Precondition of skPoint failed (value.position is undefined || is2dPoint(value.position))

Code for my sketch point:
var pt = skPoint(sketch, "point1", { "position" : centroid});   

Once the point is placed, how would I query the point so that I could use it in a loft?

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