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How do I make the camera controls not awful? Seriously, everything shouldnt tilt on camera-rotate

thanh_vu946thanh_vu946 Member Posts: 3
I need the camera controls to be parallel to the ground. It's seriously difficult to rotate an object when it's always tilting. Literally nobody wants it like that. I need it to be like fusion360 or any other normal camera control where rotation around an object doesn't cause it to tilt side to side, as in, it's afixed to a vertical axis. As it is, the camera controls are outright unusable. 


  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 3,405
    Hold option/alt
  • alnis_smidchensalnis_smidchens Member Posts: 227 EDU
    I agree with @S1mon. When mechanisms move around, "up" in the global coordinate space often doesn't make much sense, so I prefer trackball rotation as the default. It also makes navigation more consistent. For example, when you're zoomed in on a part and selecting a bunch of edges to fillet, or when you're working on a sketch, it's nice that the view always rotates/behaves the same way independent of how the model is oriented. You don't have to constantly think about which way is "up" when navigating around.
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  • thanh_vu946thanh_vu946 Member Posts: 3
    It is seriously the only thing that's holding Onshape back. If you're confident in the UX, make it an option so that users can decide to make it like every other normal cad, or inconsistent rotation. Focus is another thing clearly missing from the experience. Whereas any other cad, your focus fulcrum is fixated at the center of your previous selection or mouse-over of a feature; in OnShape it rates about some random point or origin somewhere else, so the object is always flying off the screen no matter what you do. That's not normal and it's seriously infuriating to use. If these were simply made options, onshape can compete with Fusion360 or Inventor. 
  • steve_shubinsteve_shubin Member Posts: 391 ✭✭✭
    edited November 18

    This was done on a 2017 MacBook Pro
    This is real time.
    I wasn’t looking to do this as fast as I could for this GIF

    Just wanted to illustrate that most users are not having any problem moving around the interface

    I would imagine the guys that are using their desktop units with their track balls could probably move around within the modeling window at quite a fast clip

    So I used the trackpad on my MacBook Pro plus 3 keys — CONTROL — OPTION — f

  • romeograhamromeograham Member Posts: 485 PRO
    Another thing to consider, is that Onshape rotates around the centroid (or close to it) of whatever is under your pointer...if you're working in a Part Studio, and have planes or large sketches visible, the rotation center may be picking those elements, rather than the center of your view.

    Try turning off all construction geometry (Shift+P) and see how it behaves for you.

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