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Join Onshape’s Newest User Group—Women Who CAD

Katie_GosbeeKatie_Gosbee Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 2
edited November 19 in General

Onshape user groups are a great way to build relationships with other users. We are excited to announce that Onshape is forming a new user group — Women Who CAD

The mission of this group is to promote inclusion and diversity amongst the Onshape users and make sure everyone feels welcome in our community.

Our first virtual meetup will be January 5th @ 6pm ET. We are also still looking for a user group leader. 

If you would like to join or know of others who may be interested please reach out to [email protected] or reply to this forum and we will connect with you. Onshape will provide video technology for the virtual meetings and will help with technical sessions and/or Partner presentations. We will continue to offer support after the pandemic has passed.

We can’t wait to see you in January!


  • matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 158 PRO
    @Katie_Gosbee good on you!  Is participation limited to women?  The mission statement sounds admirable.  Way back in the day, I graduated in a cohort of mechanical engineers that included only 1 woman.  Hopefully significant progress has been made since then.
  • Katie_GosbeeKatie_Gosbee Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 2
    Hi @matthew_stacy, thank you for your support! Women Who CAD aims to have women as speakers and leaders, but all are welcome to be a part of the group and attend the meetups.
  • john_mceleneyjohn_mceleney Onshape Employees Posts: 57
    I love it!
  • Ste_WilsonSte_Wilson Member Posts: 46 PRO
    edited November 21
    @matthew_stacey unfortunately my own experinace as an engineering lecturer of college students for the last ten years would suggest that significant progress has not been made since then. I'm lucky if I have 1-3 young women in a year group. 
  • matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 158 PRO
    @Ste_Wilson, what are your thoughts on how our current trajectory might be bent in a more positive direction?  Seems like we are all shaped by cultural biases from date of birth onward.  The toys we are given.  the games we are taught.
  • Ste_WilsonSte_Wilson Member Posts: 46 PRO
    edited November 21
    @matthew_stacy it's a good question.. Massive social reform so shoes for small girls are waterproof and practical and not just pretty because there is more to aspire than being a princess and go from there? I think your right on the toys, toys marketed to girls seem to be more passive than toys marketed to boys (observations from having two young boys).. Even lego has gone pink :(. More role models are always good.. (cbeebies starting to do a good job, graces amazing machines, bitz and bob, maddie's 'do you know?') I think the other part of the equation, at least in the uk, is the image problem with engineering itself.. It's perceived as being about fixing car engines..and it's boring! 
    Apologies for hijacking the thread. 
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