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Nickolas_LockardNickolas_Lockard OS Professional Posts: 36 ✭✭
Linear sketch patterns has gotten a LOT better recently. MUCH faster. Like, a bazillion times faster.

This is ROCK STAR work. Whoever did this, big, massive, sloppy kudos, beers, and high fives TO YOU!!!

Now, just one small teeny change request regarding sketch patterns: make the pattern editing persist. FOREVER. It seems to disappear after 15 minutes or so. I quite often need to revisit a sketch pattern because I have compounded-complex sets of constraints to check in other parts of the model or related models. Sometimes I have to do this offline by consulting my spreadsheet to make sure I don't have the pattern over-packed, that I've left enough metal around the periphery to retain assembly strength, that the whole assembly hasn't gotten too heavy, etcetera.

As you know, it isn't always possible, or desirable, to force some abstract representations into the sketches to indicate constraints, and neither does assemble then mate-by-connectors work quite well either (painfully slow...I never use it).

Second sketch improvement request: please let me annotate dimensions and have them persist (toggle switch?) because sometimes my brain breaks or fuzzes out and that reference would keep me on track and not forget some important constraint. I'd love to be able to add an annotation like "safe metal bounds", etcetera.


  • Nickolas_LockardNickolas_Lockard OS Professional Posts: 36 ✭✭
    PS: I threw away about 7 hours worth of work because the patterns don't persist...thus motivating my requests.
  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 4,809
    Not sure what you mean that patterns don’t persist? Pattern constraints will persist but if you do some heavy editing with them there is always the possibility that you could invalidate those constraints and therefore break the pattern. Sketch patterns (IMO) should be used only in exceptional circumstances. Feature patterns are much more robust. An example of what you are experiencing would help a lot. 

    Happy new year 😉
    Director, Technical Services, EMEA 
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