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Reality server -6 Minutes

If I am using the Free 2 hours a month Reality Server Plan and I go into negative time (-6Mins) does this stop the auto renewal of the free two hours per month? 
Thanks Steve


  • paul_ardenpaul_arden Member, Developers Posts: 122 PRO
    Steve, I've reset your account so you should see the 2 free hours again. Right now if you let a session run longer than the time you have available your account can go negative which indeed will affect the free plan. We are looking into ways to deal with this in the future, right now we allow it because we didn't want to cut people off in the middle of a session.
  • Gavin_MunroGavin_Munro Member Posts: 11 PRO
    I am running into a problem where the server constantly drops out. I wondered if it was due to having a limited time (32 mins) remaining in the free plan? 
  • paul_ardenpaul_arden Member, Developers Posts: 122 PRO
    Your account should be sorted now. I'd suggest logging a support ticket in the future rather than using the forum in case it gets missed.
  • Gavin_MunroGavin_Munro Member Posts: 11 PRO
    thanks !
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