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Teacher access in Enterprise

My apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere.  I am an Enterprise admin and I love the fact that I can see all of my students' work (and not so much that I can see all the work of every other student in the school - but I get that).  I had assumed that teachers could also see all of the work of their students as well, but learned today that this is not true.  Is there a way of setting things up so that a teacher can see the work of their class, without having the student actually share the file with the teacher?  Is there something in permissions or in the way a folder is set up that could allow this?  

Thanks in advance,



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    NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 5,519
    There is a permission that prevents users from creating docs in “My Onshape” and therefore they have to navigate to the project(s) they have permissions to create docs in. If the teacher is the “project lead” they get to see everything created in there. 
    Senior Director, Technical Services, EMEAI
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    Domenico_DiMareDomenico_DiMare Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 85
    Hi! @marc_crompton

    For teachers to be able to see everything in the enterprise, they would have to be added as an administrator of the enterprise as well. You can do this in Enterprise Settings > Global Permissions. They will, however, get all of the abilities that you have to change settings in the enterprise.

    Another option would be for the teacher to set up a folder for the class to work in, and share that folder with the entire class with the permission to edit. They could then have folders inside the top folder for assignments and students could create their documents in the folder for their assignment. The downside to this method is that all documents in the folder gain the permissions of the folder. This means that students could edit other students' work. However, because the enterprise keeps a record of user's actions, teachers could look at the analytics or history of a document to see if student's were doing anything nefarious like that. 

    Having students share the document with the teacher is generally a method lots of teachers choose. We recommend enforcing a naming convention like ClassA_Assignement1_LastName_FirstName so that its easy for teachers to search for the documents that a class has shared with them or to set up filters in analytics to look for documents. 
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    marc_cromptonmarc_crompton Member Posts: 10 EDU
    Thanks to you both @NeilCooke and @Domenico_DiMare for your responses.  I suspect that the solution that you are suggesting Neil is similar to what Domenico is?  The folder/project would allow edit access to all members of that project?

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