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Use (convert/Project) tool does not convert inner geometry

SamWiseTheGSamWiseTheG Member Posts: 1 PRO
When using the "use" tool to convert lines of a body if you click the face I would expect it to convert all geometry on that face to the new sketch plane, but it only converts the outer perimeter it seems. Is there any way to make it convert all the geometry on the face without manually clicking the inner ones? I know you can use the drag boxes to select them easier than manually clicking, but it would be ideal to just be able to select the face.

Simple example:
When hovering over the top face it highlights all the edges including the inner circle, but when you click it, the generated sketch does not contain the inner circle.


  • JoshBarnettJoshBarnett Member Posts: 15 PRO
    I too have noticed this - its time consuming having to convert all inner entities

    Is there an improvement request for this?

    Machine Designer | AXIS7
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