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Place Custom tables from Part Studio to Drawings (same as BOM tables)

tiago_damasiotiago_damasio Member, Channel partner Posts: 1
edited February 24 in Drawings
Would be good to be able to place Custom tables from Part Studiosinto Drawings the same way you can place BOM Tables from assemblies into drawings


  • Evan_ReeseEvan_Reese Member Posts: 891 PRO
    I don't know why I'd just assumed this was already how it worked. I agree that this would be really valuable in certain situations. A quick search turned up this existing improvement request, which I just voted for. Please vote for it also.
    Evan Reese / Principal and Industrial Designer with Ovyl
    Website: ovyl.io
    Instagram: @evan.reese.designs
  • john_allen289john_allen289 Member Posts: 12 PRO
    The best workaround I've found is to copy the custom table to excel.

    Format so it looks ok, use the snip tool to capture as image, import to the document and then insert into the drawings as an image.

    Not great but not the worst, you can use excel to format and sort, and you shouldn't be manually updating just the drawing table if the data is from a custom table so it being a static image is manageable (if not ideal).

    If the custom table updates, repeating the process takes only a few moments and you can 'Update...' the existing image tab in the document with the new snip to keep a clean history, then insert again to the drawing.

    I see pointing our production team at an Onshape document with data in different tabs rather than a traditional single drawing, part of the future, think of each document tab as a drg sheet (1 for Rev Table, 1 for BOM, 1 for Notes, 1 for inspection dims, 1 for cut tables etc. (some drgs, some PDF's, some Images with the Version/Release handling the overall config control)

    The Onshape Drawings and current Drawing Tables are not good enough or evolving fast enough for them to be the main communication tool like a traditional Solidworks Drawing is for example.
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