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How do you turn the result of an action (mirror) into a new separate part to be edited separately?

karl_mochelkarl_mochel Member Posts: 32
How do you turn the result of an action (mirror) into a new separate part to be edited separately from the original?

I have a part that has many aspects I want. I mirrored it, but I want to delete and add new features to the result. I assume I want a new part to do this too.

On the other hand, I don't mind sharing features between the parts, but some will not be shared and I don't know how to share some aspects while still being able to merge differences into two different final solids.


  • BenTaylorBenTaylor Member Posts: 31 PRO
    Without seeing the exact document you're working on, my workflow would be:
    1. Create the part with all features that are common between the parts.
    2. Mirror the part to create a new part. This will create a new instance that you can apply edits to.

    3. Add the unique features to each part.
    Here's a part studio as an example.
    Ben Taylor
    Biomechanical Engineer - Healing Innovations
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