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Inter-dependant Mates - am I expecting too much or is this a bug.

brett_suttonbrett_sutton Member Posts: 38 ✭✭✭
edited July 2016 in Community Support
I'm trying to model a fairly simple robot arm.

Basically I'm trying to move a segment of the arm using a linear actuator (a threaded rod between the two segments).

The two arm segments and the threaded rod form a triangle. Shortening or lengthening the rod changes the position of the segments relative to each other.

If you look at the assembly I have four inter related mates however the fifth mate (which 'closes' the triangle) causes an error.

Robot arm with four mates

Robot arm with fifth mate and error

The two arm segments are joined with a rotational mate.

Each segment than has an actuator end point 'holder'. The holders are mated to the arm segments using a rotational mate. 

The threaded rod is then inserted into each end point  using a sliding mate.

Now from a simple physical process the geometry of the arm works, however it appears  that onshape  is unable to handle the 'circular' nature of the full set of mates.

Am I expecting too much from onshape mates or is this a bug?

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