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What K Factor should I use for modeling 304 SS at .048" thick , 1/4 hard ?

Modeling up my first stainless steel parts, as I usually only use mild steel. need some help on a place to start with the bend allowance calcs.


  • shawn_crockershawn_crocker Member, OS Professional Posts: 159 PRO
    Sadly this is extremely dependent on bending process, die opening, punch radius and the speed the machine performs the bend. You will have to perform some test bends to calculate this. I have a Google sheet I can share with you if you would like. You cut 3 samples any size. You input the flat size of each piece. Then you bend each piece to 90 degree. Then you input the actual formed inner radius and the length of each side for each piece after bending. The sheet then spits out your kfactor. I usually print out a true scale drawing of many inner radius samples incrementing every 0.005in to use as a comparator to measure the true formed inner radius. The inner radius is generally always slightly larger then the punches radius.
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