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OnScale and Onshape 500 Core Hours

Aaron_MagninAaron_Magnin Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 78
edited September 2021 in App Store & Partners Apps

If you’re here, you’ve probably seen the in-app message, or you're an active member of the Onshape forum. 

This post is to explain the details about the “500 Core Hour” offer going out to every Onshape Professional subscriber. 

What is it? 


For additional details, see the OnScale website below:

Start Today

To take advantage of this offer, there are just 3 simple steps*:  

  1. Register and/or Log in to OnScale Solve

  2. Connect the Onshape App to OnScale Solve

  3. Start simulating your Onshape CAD in OnScale 

*Please note that if you've already registered and connected OnScale to your Onshape account, to trigger the 500 core hour bonus, you'll need to either (a) start a new project and import a document from your Onshape account, or (b) disconnect and reconnect your Onshape account. 

For more detail, see here. 


Who receives 500 Core Hours?

Onshape Professional and Onshape Enterprise users! For information on OnScale Solve’s pricing, check here!

How can Enterprise users get the 500 Core Hours?

If you're a part of an Onshape Enterprise  -and you have confirmed your organization can use OnScale- please reach out to our team for assistance: [email protected].

Will I still get all Core Hour bonuses of a free OnScale Solve user?

Yes! And to upgrade your account, check out OnScale’s pricing page for quotes to bring professional simulation to you and your team!

Are all OnScale Solve features available with this offer?

This is “feature unlimited”, meaning there are no limitations on what you can do! You can make full use of OnScale Solve’s simulation functionalities, including Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical, and Thermal / Thermal-Mechanical applications! 

If I’m an existing OnScale Solve user and I have already connected my Onshape Professional / Enterprise account, will I receive 500 Core Hours?


What simulation applications is OnScale Solve best at handling today? 

OnScale Solve is a multi-physics solver, capable of Mechanical, Structural, Thermal, and Computational Fluid Dynamics. They’re rapidly improving and adding new features to enable more use-cases! More details can be found here!

What is a Core Hour?

You can learn all about this and more in the Basics about Core Hours section of the OnScale Solve Simulation Fundamentals course in the Onshape Learning Center!

What if I run out of Core Hours?

OnScale has an overage (Pay-As-You-Simulate) plan. OnScale Solve’s pricing can be found here.

Where can I learn how to use OnScale Solve?

There are 3 ways to learn OnScale Solve:

  1. In the Onshape Learning Center. Find the OnScale Solve FEA course here

  2. Try a tutorial from their world-class engineers! They have 10 minute Simulation Tutorials to ensure you to get the most out of your simulations. 
  3. Try the guided video tour:  from your first login, through post-processing, they’ll guide you through the whole process.

If I have questions regarding OnScale Solve or experience issues signing up, who do I contact?

OnScale has a team of Application Engineers ready to problem-solve with you on your simulation applications, or answer any questions or issues regarding this offer! You can contact them on our contact page (https://onscale.com/contact-us/) or email us at [email protected].


  • Aaron_MagninAaron_Magnin Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 78
    I forgot to mention one thing in the above wall of text. When creating your OnScale account, please ensure that the email  used is the same as your Onshape account. That'll help ensure this goes as smoothly as possible. If you experience any issues, please let us know! 
  • Ben_Tek_PacBen_Tek_Pac Member Posts: 35 PRO
    edited September 2021
    if I already have an account with Onscal Solve how do I get the 500 core hours? do I need to activate it somehow? at the moment it says I have 40 core hours available
    Also, if I have more than one Onshape account, do I get more than the 500 core hours?
  • Aaron_MagninAaron_Magnin Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 78
    @Ben_Tek_PacThere are two ways to trigger the 500CH bonus...either you upload a new file from their integrated Onshape option, OR you can unlink/relink your Onshape account. 

    And each and every Professional+ subscription is entitled to the 500 CH's, so use it up! Let me know if you have other questions. Feel free to email too, at [email protected]
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