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ISheet metal

I am scheduled for class on 9-23-2021.  In the mean time I am trying to make a modified cone rotated around the center point of the top view.  I made the profile and it is made out of 12 gage (.105) thick steel.  It is 4. inches dia. at top with straight side downward for 1.5 inches where the taper starts.  The taper is 3.25 inches long and the dia. at the bottom is 2.00. all dimensions listed are I.D.  OD is .105 more except the height dimensions.  I made a line profile 0f parallel lines and tried to rotate the sketch arround the center point.  I also made a vertical center line and tried to use that as the rotation line.  It did not work.  I also tried lofting circles seperated at the distance suggested above using 3 circles.  Two for the straight portion 1.5 inches high and then the tapered section for 3.25 inches.  This did not work either.  It appears the rotation method should be the easiest but what am I doing wrong?


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