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Custom Table Usability

George_AndersonGeorge_Anderson Member Posts: 71 PRO
edited September 2021 in FeatureScript
I'm making a custom table where I export the results of a computation that involves rigid body rotation from one coordinate frame to another.

Because Custom Tables don't allow query parameters, I'm stuck specifying rigid body rotations as 4 vectors (two defining the source frame, and two defining the target). This is leading to a list of 12 parameters just for that, plus a few others. The table is becoming unreadable because:

1) I can't use 'if' to suppress parameter display.
2) I can't use parameter groups to temporarily collapse parameters
3) The UI display doesn't allow resizing to hide parameters, so the table is unreadable.

Custom Tables are really useful, but they seem half-baked relative to Custom Features. Fixing any single one of those issues, or allowing query parameters would solve this...any other suggestions that I'm missing?


  • George_AndersonGeorge_Anderson Member Posts: 71 PRO
    A screenshot, for reference.

  • caden_armstrongcaden_armstrong Member, User Group Leader Posts: 39 PRO
    One thing you can do is create a custom feature that embeds the data you need into the body, via setAttribute.
    In the table, you can use the getAttribute to then retrieve the data you've embedded.

    One of the problems with this method is that the data is set where ever the feature is in the tree. If the model were to change after the feature, the table will show an incorrect result.
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