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Adding/Deleting Spline Points is not Mirrored

S1monS1mon Member Posts: 723 PRO
edited September 2021 in Product Feedback
Unlike other CAD tools, if you have a mirrored spline, adding or deleting a spline point doesn't update the mirrored spline - it just generates constraint/solver errors. To me this is a bug, but if necessary, I can create an improvement request.

[edit] On further investigation, constraints that worked fine in Solidworks are not solving as easily in Onshape. A very simple spline with a few constraints will allow adding/deleting of spline points, but the minute the constraints are slightly more complex, it gives up. Also in retrospect, mirroring splines and adding/removing control points got much more robust with style splines - not b-splines with through points.
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