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"Stretching" a part - How to

BluchipBluchip Member Posts: 13 ✭✭
Hello, I have tried to search for some solutions for this but have not come across any direct solution...I think!
Anyway, we deal with some purchased items that have iges files. These parts are in a standard increment of length much like bolts. However, the producer of these specific items we use has their CAD files only for the longest length. The part shown below is available in 1" increments from 4" to 12" included and as such, they only provide a model for the 12" length.
I days of 2D CAD we would take items as this and "stretch" them shorter or longer as needed. I would like to alter the shown sleeve to 6" OAL. As can be seen there is internal details like lead in taper and relief bore. Essentially, the 6" version is exactly like the shown 12" except 6" removed from area between the head and the internal lead in taper.
Single axis scaling alters everything inside so that won't do.
The only method I have found thus far it to sketch a box to remove the desired amount, the extrude remove that area, Translate the newly created part2 so as to mate to part 1, and then Boolean Union back to one part.
Is that the most direct method or is there another tool out there?
Thank you in advance!


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