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Can someone tell me why this is not constrained?


  • SethFSethF Member Posts: 32 PRO
    edited October 4
    One handy thing for troubleshooting under-constrained sketches is to just try dragging around different blue parts of the sketch. Often, it will move in a way that points out where it needs more constraints.


    Looks like you're close! You just need a couple more dimensions (and actually in one spot it looks like maybe you're over constrained)

    1) This top right angle isn't defined. Which is fine, if there are sufficient length constraints. So if you didn't want that angle to be a driving dimension, you could instead dimension one of the highlighted lines in the second screenshot 
    2) Nothing is defining the thickness of the right segment. What I did was make two construction lines and use the equal constraint to make the thickness of the right the same as the thickness of the horizontal piece.

    3) This section here is actually over-constrained. in order to get rid of that blue section of the line, you need to either get rid of the 0.74 or the 0.089 driving dimension. Then you can delete the blue section of line and move make the right two points coincide.

    Hope that helps!
  • carlos_berdealcarlos_berdeal Member Posts: 29
    @SethF    You are legend!
  • SethFSethF Member Posts: 32 PRO
    Glad I could help!
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