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How to create a notched bend in a sheet metal part?

jim_wilson436jim_wilson436 Member Posts: 13
I'd like to incorporate a "notched bend", as illustrated below, in a sheet metal part where a cutout needs to be closer to a bend than the bend clearance would normally allow. But every approach I've tried so far has been horribly clumsy, requiring several features and sketches, moving faces, etc. Can you think of an elegant way to do this?



  • dirk_van_der_vaartdirk_van_der_vaart Member Posts: 125 ✭✭✭
    edited October 7
    Something like this, first make the bend and then extrude in the flat view

  • jim_wilson436jim_wilson436 Member Posts: 13
    Interesting, but how do you "unbend" the extruded bit?
  • S1monS1mon Member Posts: 182 PRO
    edited October 7
    If you cut away the bend in the flat view, you can extrude the non bent tab and it works. I really have barely touched the sheet metal tools in Onshape, but this is very cool how easy this is to do. I imagine if you were doing this all the time, it might be worth having a custom feature script to automate some of this,

    Keep in mind that things that are half-sheers or rips in sheet metal often behave better in Onshape (and other Parasolid based CAD programs) with a tiny gap. It can be microscopic, but there needs to be a little gap.

  • jim_wilson436jim_wilson436 Member Posts: 13
    To be fair, I *have* been able to create the desired geometry. Here is an example. But my solution feels inelegant to me, requiring several steps, including an awkward face move and manually constructed bend reliefs.

  • jim_wilson436jim_wilson436 Member Posts: 13
    @S1mon Ah, I see. Similar to what I did in the 3D view: cut away the bend and make a tab. (Sorry about the discontinuity, I posted my attempt from a stale view of this page, and didn't see your post until I refreshed the page.)

    Thanks for the ideas.
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