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version, versions, versions

jim_wilson436jim_wilson436 Member Posts: 14
I have the following hierarchy of related documents, with actuators being the most complex assembly:

CCAs, (CCA is short for circuit card assembly)

At one point, everything was in sync; i.e., all references pointed to the latest version of everything in the assembly tree, from actuators all the way down. Then I made a single change to servo (I shifted a gear fifteen thou along its axis), and created a new version in servo. Upon returning to the actuator document (the 'serial actuator and frame' tab), the expected blue 'Update all references' indicator in the icon bar was on, and the 'Versioned assembly from other document with a newer version' indicator also was present on the servo instance. So, I 'Updated to latest'. In my mind that should have been the end of it.

However, as often happens, the 'Update all references' indicator remained present. I noted that the indicator on the servo instance changed to 'instances in assembly have newer versions'. Expanding the assembly reveals that all of the CCA component part instances are marked 'Versioned part from other document with newer version.' This is mysterious, first because the 'CCA components' document was not changed, and second because all its instances that are present within the actuators assembly tree are indeed the latest version (I checked each and every one).

I've encountered this mystery many times before, and usually resolve it by patiently clicking 'Update to latest' again (and again...) until it eventually stops adding superfluous versions with zero changes in all of the sub-documents and seems satisfied that all the references are again up-to-date. This time, though, I gave up when the version number in servo had increased by about 60 (yes, sixty version updates for one change), and decided to post here, in hopes of learning what is wrong with my approach.

Can anyone explain why this happens, or what I can do to avoid it? I'd be very grateful!

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