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Replacing Original with Offset?

jeffrey_hawkinsjeffrey_hawkins Member Posts: 8 EDU
edited December 2021 in Drawings
I have a complex shape... I've made a simplified version of it for discussion and experimentation at: 

I'm wondering if there is a way to use something like the (sketch) offset tool to grow or shrink the 9 smaller circles without moving their center points. The goal is to be able to slightly modify the space between them. On this example, I know it could be done fairly easily just by manually changing the 9 circles. But what I actually want to modify has hundreds of circles of various sizes.

I'm looking for a process or tool to do one of the following:
 Option A: Click-select multiple shapes (including non-circles), and either grow or shrink them without changing their center point.

 Option B: Click the space between multiple shapes (i.e. the part that gets extruded in my example), to have that grow or shrink in the way that the offset tool works... Like making a small offset on each shape within it. But removing the original and just keeping the offset.

  Option C: Your great idea, that I haven't thought of.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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