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Design for 3D Printing

patrick_sheapatrick_shea Member Posts: 24
I am trying to design a support for a 4" Plastic dust hose.  Apparently my design will require a lot of support, that will need to be removed after printing.  Looking for a bit of input an how I can make this easier to print.  It is a 1 off piece, so if it takes time to clean up it is not a big deal.  The design allows a couple of tie wraps to hold the hose on place.

Here is the part:

PLANER DUST HOSE SUPPORT | Part Studio 1 (onshape.com)




  • _anton_anton Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 53
    You could make a big 45-degree chamfer on the underside that goes right to the cradle's edge (0.77/2 inch, if my math is right).
  • alnisalnis Member, Developers Posts: 396 EDU
    edited December 2021
    Edit: didn't see Anton's response; that's also a good option!

    I don't think the support is anything crazy in this case. It goes from 1:49 21g/$0.51  to 2:15 23g/$0.58 in Cura with typical settings for me. Probably not worth the time to optimize 7 cents off the print (assuming PLA), but you could try adding an angle with a sweep/replace face that matches the most extreme angle your printer can print. Alternatively, you could use a draft as an approximation. Here's the sweep/replace face example: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/1abe93154f1d0baa341b15c3

    Here's what your model looks like sliced with Cura:

    Student at University of Washington | Get in touch: [email protected] | My personal site: https://alnis.dev
  • michael3424michael3424 Member Posts: 613 ✭✭✭
    If you really want to avoid supports, try splitting the part into the base part and the saddle part - print the base as shown, the saddle on edge and then glue the two together.  Printing with supports should be doable (and easier), though.
  • nick_papageorge073nick_papageorge073 Member Posts: 130 PRO
    edited December 2021
    Slightly off topic, but you did a good job with the design.... if it was to be injection molded:)

    Edit, it could be redesigned slightly to make it all open-shut.
  • nick_papageorge073nick_papageorge073 Member Posts: 130 PRO
    _anton said:
    You could make a big 45-degree chamfer on the underside that goes right to the cradle's edge (0.77/2 inch, if my math is right).

    I believe his design has the wire-tie in that space, and the chamfer would cause it to slip off.
  • nick_papageorge073nick_papageorge073 Member Posts: 130 PRO
    How about this design? Disclaimer, I'm not that good with 3D printing, and my printer seems to always have some issue. I come from an injection molding background for mass production. But this design might have enough draft on the sides and rounded surfaces at the top, that perhaps a printer would not need support at all? The wire tie goes through the slot and you would have to fish it out the other side.

  • POCPOC Member Posts: 16 PRO
    FYI - If you print this on an SLS printer (sintered power) you will not have the support issue..
  • patrick_sheapatrick_shea Member Posts: 24
    Thanks for all the feedback - I re-thought my design, and I will lay it on its side for printing.  I need to have a strap (or Tie wrap) to secure the 4" hose - so check out plan'B'
    PLANER DUST HOSE SUPPORT - Copy | Part Studio 1 (onshape.com)
    Also - I have Cura and a Prusa printer I and getting used to, but I was wondering if anyone is using KIRImoto? And where does that file go when I export it?

  • dirk_van_der_vaartdirk_van_der_vaart Member Posts: 155 ✭✭✭
    Looks very good!!
    It's a bit difficult to put the Tie-wrap in the holes, so maybe 1 step further

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