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Unable to create movable linkage

joseph_newcomerjoseph_newcomer Member Posts: 26
I have a model where I am connecting an arm from a servo to a linear slider.  I am using a representation of a solid wire that is used to make the connection.  I have a problem.

With nothing connected, the slider moves and the servo arm moves.

If I create a revolute mate between the wire and one of the moving components, everything works fine.  I can rotate the wire, and if I drag the wire, the connected part will move.  But if I connect both ends of the wire, the resulting model is unmovable.  I have tried connecting the wire to the slider, and it works fine; I have tried connecting the wire to the servo arm, and the wire can rotate and the servo arm can rotate.  But when I connect both ends, it becomes rigid.   What have I missed?

The share link to my (public) model is 


and the component is Assembly1.  This is a device which mounts on an XY table and will push objects around on the table.


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